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Yinan •  Artist •  @kindnessuntamed
Yinan is an artist, humanitarian, and marketing powerhouse that is equivalent to hiring a digital agency. Yinan brings 12 years of interdisciplinary experience in design, marketing, e-commerce, and public relations. She has developed and managed advertising campaigns for a diverse range of industries that include Fashion to Media. With a solid understanding of production, website design, brand identity, product packaging, and multimedia design, she is highly competent in her diverse range of skills.

As an active humanitarian in her community, Yinan has held co-chair leadership roles at global non-profit organizations that include UN Women and Womankind. Often known as a “master networker”, Yinan increased UN Women’s Young Professionals membership from 4 dedicated members to 30+ within a year. She is also an exceptionally skilled fundraiser, raising over $10,000 for various charities annually through events, brand partnerships, and donations.

Yinan received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Parsons School of Design and holds a UI/ UX design certification from the New York Code & Design Academy.

Dixita •  Artist •  @pauldixita
Dixita is a 16-year-old self-taught artist based in India. She has been drawing for as long as she can remember and finds solace and satisfaction in the creation of art. She's currently a senior in high school and hopes to study art and animation for college.

Dixita's art is currently being sold exclusively through Kindness Untamed, and a percentage of her art proceeds go towards Start The Wave.

Alissa •  Writer •  @rositabustiiios
Alissa has been telling stories for as long as she can remember. Over time, this passion has continued to grow, and Alissa has found herself constantly writing fiction, poetry, nonfiction articles, and film reviews. Combined with an interest (and two degrees) in social history, activism, and spirituality, she has a passion for projects which bring communities together.

As a freelance marketing writer and volunteer event organiser with a full-time job in policy work, she enjoys finding ways to make a difference. She regularly supports Plan International, and likes to seek out ways to give back. As an island-child and unwavering thalassophile, she is otherwise happiest when she is by the water with a set of tarot cards, or a notebook and a new idea that allows her to string a few words together.

You can read samples of her writing on the Wynonna Earp Tarot Cards page.

Emily •  Writer •  @th3ycallm3ed
Having grown up around a family full of creative women, it was no surprise when Emily started leaving a trail of art supplies wherever she went. As a master “dabbler” in all things art, her skills range from writing, to graphic design, fine arts and several things in between.

After doing professional work as a graphic designer, Emily found the only thing she loves more than art is helping people. This passion led to her current work as a Therapist, but she has yet to leave behind any bit of her creative side. Emily continues to use art and writing as often as she can, creating anything and everything, living by the idea of ‘if you can’t find it, create it.’

You can read samples of her writing on the Wynonna Earp Tarot Cards page.

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Charities Supported in 2020
Womankind: $600
Start the Wave: $150
Black Lives Matter related organizations: $500